August 2025 – May 2026

Evijärvi, Finland

Create the New!

Create the New by joining this training school with a strong Biblical foundation for a solid lifelong walk with God, vision for the future and inspiring leadership skills along with a life-changing experience.
Our aim is to serve you to find your own way to influence the society around you and to be the answer to the problems you see.
The most impactful way to influence the society are found through marketplace and youth culture. That’s why in the coming school we offer two tracks for you to choose: Business Track and Culture Track. 

What do the 3 I’s stand for?


Be inspired by falling in love with Jesus, drawing from His endless creativity and wisdom. Gain understanding of His creation and learn from His people of influence.


By knowing God, His heart for the nations, and finding our gifting and calling we’ll learn to innovate and create new ideas, projects and business to bless our society and the nations.


Innovation is influence! By answering the needs of the world we gain influence. We are to change the world by serving and loving, having shared vision, living out Biblical values and creating new things with God.

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Create the New with us!

Joseph Avakian

A creative freelancer @ world
Life as we know it, in part, is a result of God being inspiring, innovative and influential. Inspiration is the seed we all need regularly. Innovation is the creative motion that takes us further. Influence is the fruit of inspiring others to change. Created in His image, let’s to do the same.

Claire Ivins

Founder & CEO @ Cikaår
As a missionary kid, I had an amazing example of what it means to follow Jesus – but until recently, that did NOT include starting a business! God has since shown me that entrepreneurship, in collaboration with Him, is an excellent way to bring Jesus to the world. It's exciting to see a school that will lead people into that adventure!

Miikka Rosendahl

Founder & CEO @ Zoan
I find it exciting that in the creative field we can learn to access the creativity of the Creator of the Universe himself. It is really significant that there is a school that focuses on finding this connection. This is the way to influence and create new things, solutions for both the spiritual and the secular world.

Roope Laukkonen

Base Leader @ YWAM Ruurikkala
The best part of being a Child of God is to be able to communicate with Him. That's why Jesus died for us – to restore this relationship. And in this relationship we have access to the One with all new ideas. By receiving from Him we will have innovations that can become blessings to the nations. Are you ready to Create the New?

Heavenly Father

Creator @ Universe
I made 10 000 birds, 3 000 000 animals, 1 billion trillion stars and 2 perfect wonders in my image. What did you create in the last six days? Return to true inspiration. Reframe innovation. Reclaim influence.

Annika Puro-Aho

Entrepreneur @ Tehos, Hopea-Puro & few more
When people find their calling with God, amazing things happen. It is no longer about your ability. You are limited only by your own thoughts, not by God. Find your calling - and Create the New

Kyle Ueckermann

Founder @ VOMO, Vollar and Payper
I believe that today, business is the most effective and impactful way to influence our society, providing us with an opportunity to serve, lead, and give, to be a blessing to our communities.

Jan Sturesson

Chairman @ ICCC International board
Being ready for the future requires a humble and courageous attitude, together with the ability and willingness to serve on many levels – the Lord, the body of Christ and Society. This school can be of great inspiration for you in innovating and co-creating together with the Lord, in finding your calling and being ignited by the purposes God has for you today and in the future.

Petri Heinonen

Head Coach @ MCID
Creating a new thing is learning something new. Learning is about the ability to create a new reality. The miracle of learning and creating something new begin with transformation in our thinking, which leads to renewed actions. We need each other to be able to renew ourselves and Create the New!

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