Know God

We will start the school of Inspiration, Innovation & Influence by getting to know our Savior, the source of all creativity.

Know yourself

In this section we will learn who we are as His children, what our calling is and what areas we need to grow in. 

Know your message

In this section we will learn from the Bible, about influencers in society, worldviews and communication. 


Everyone has influence – but only great leaders will be remembered! To be successful in life, we need to have the right tools, understanding and a heart to lead well.

Life long influence

Its all about your character. You will be surrounded by people of influence from different areas of society, hear their stories, get to know them personally and be mentored by them.


You will do a 7-week internship in a real life setting and gain more first-hand understanding of what it takes to carry out a project of interest and what you can accomplish together with likeminded people!


Business -Track

We will work with real life ideas, projects and businesses – the goal is to give you all the tools you will need to become a world changing entrepreneur! In this process you can also complete the Finnish Further Qualification in Entrepreneurship.

Culture -Track

Culture is formed at the grassroots level of arts, entertainment and celebration. This track is created to be the foundation piece for youth with heart for Visual Arts, Performing Music, Film Production and more! You will learn to use your gifts and to Influence!



August 2025 – May 2026

 Autumn break: TBA
– Christmas break: TBA
– Winter break: TBA
– Internship: TBA
– Debriefing: TBA
– Re-entry: TBA
– Graduation: TBA

Lecture phase

August 2025 – March 2026

Cost: 1000€ per month, total 7000€

Lecture phase cost includes:

– Accommodation (1750€)*
– Meals (1400€)
– Teaching (3500€)**
– Local travel (350€)

*Students with a Finnish residence permit can apply for Kela housing benefits.
**Does not include the price of the Finnish diploma of Further Qualification in Entrepreneurship, which is optional and extra cost.
Contact for more information


March – May 2026

Cost – 3000€ 
Internship phase cost includes

– Travels (1000€)
– Accommodation (800€)
– Meals (600€)
– Local travel. (600€)

It does not include for ex. visas, vaccinations, travel insurance or personal spending.


Student accommodation is in separate male and female dormitories of 3-6 people. 
Every room has its own bathroom and some also have a kitchenette.

A limited number of family rooms are available.

Do you have any questions? Let us know!


School will be organized at the training facility of YWAM Ruurikkala

YWAM Ruurikkala
Kirkkotie 401
62500 Evijärvi

Learn more about YWAM Ruurikkala


Finland is a hidden gem tucked away in the far North. It is a treasure waiting to be discovered. You will find thousands of reasons to fall in love with Finland: the people, Arctic adventures and secrets. And four distinct seasons that will continue to call you back. When you think you have seen and experienced it all, it is time to explore Finland.


Create the new!

  • Let’s get out of the selfie-box! Break free of individualistic thinking and learn how you can be a change maker in society! Selfishness does not bring change!
  • The world is waiting for a new generation of believers in Jesus who are desperate to know their Savior and willing to let Him lead them in creating new ways to influence the world trough business, politics, media, arts, education and family!
  • We are called to disciple the nations. For far too long the Church has been focusing only on winning souls while it has lost a generation. Its time to rise up and bring the principles of the Word of God into society.


Innovation is Influence!

  • If we dont understand how the world functions, we cant see what we can and should do. We need vision that is larger than ourselves and we need to see how we fit in that picture.
  • Each one of us is called to influence. Most of the time we dont realize or remember that He is the Creator, the Source of ideas and wisdom. In Him we have the answers to the questions of the world.
  • Even the best idea is not enough if we lack networks and encouragement. We need relationships and we are called to work together. If we can get to know the heroes of everyday life and learn from them, we can do far greater things than the ones before us.


Inspired by God!

  • The School of Inspiration, Innovation & Influence combines knowing God, depth of the Bible, understanding the Biblical worldview and the spheres of influence in society, communication skills, leadership training and hands-on learning of your own interest, through different Tracks.
  • Throughout the whole nine months, students will be inspired by real life stories and examples of influence in different spheres of society. The aim is to receive new innovative ideas, work around them and to start influencing the World!
  • Students will complete the YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS) and if joining Business -track they can also complete Finnish Further Qualification in Entrepreneurship.