Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some frequently asked questions about the program and its requirements:

Learn by Living
Students in the School of Inspiration, Innovation & Influence live together in dormitories, study together in class and work together on training location. This community learning concept embodies the New Testament model of Christians who live and learn together and work toward common objectives. This family-style approach implies a sharing of meals, resources, ideas and talents in a spirit of love and unity. Our students and staff come from many nations, cultures, denominations and generations, and God forms us into a beautiful family. The learning by living concept gives students remarkable access to our faculty and staff, who model the life of Christ in many everyday settings. Through a combination of academic study and community life, students grow in character as well as wisdom.

  • Do I need to know Finnish?
    • No, School of Inspiration, Innovation & Influence is in English only.
  • What are the requirements for taking the School of Inspiration, Innovation & Influence?
    • You dont need to be the perfect Christian or an all-knowing business person. We are looking for individuals with a desire to grow in their faith, an openness to learn, and a willingness to serve the Lord trough their working lives.
      In addition, you need to be at least 18 years old (or have your high school diploma or secondary school certificate).
  • Do I need Visa?
    • If you do not have a UK or European passport from a Schengen nation, you will need a visa for your time at the School of Inspiration, Innovation & Influence.
      Contact us for more information about how to apply for a visa.
  • Who else will be in my School of Inspiration, Innovation & Influence?
    • As we are part of an international and interdenominational movement, we have people from all over the world joining us. Most trainees are between the age of 18 (our minimum age) and 28 but people of any age are absolutely welcome to apply to be a part of the school!
  • Will I start my own business at the School of Inspiration, Innovation & Influence?
    • It all depends on you! We have created a setting where it is possible to start your own business and you will be supported if you do so, but its not a requirement. Businesses can also be started in teams of students.
  • How do a Discipleship Training Program and a Business Program fit together?
    • Perfectly! God loves people and nations, and He gave us the mandate to take good care of His creation. We are to know Him, stand on Biblical values and to be a blessing and testimony to the world – and the best way to make this happen is to grow day by day to be more like Jesus and live this out by creating something new at the market place!
  • Can I get a degree?
    • You will complete the requirements of a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS), which will make you eligible for pursuing a full degree with the University of the Nations (U of N, You can also complete a Finnish Further Qualification in Entrepreneurship and receive a certificate for entrepreneurial competence, or be formally assessed and receive an official Finnish Diploma for Entrepreneurs, a European Qualification Framework level 4 diploma, offering pathways into further studies. The Finnish Diploma is recognized in the EU and most OECD countries.
      The official Finnish Diploma will be awarded by a training provider licensed by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • Why choose Finnish entrepreneurship training?
    • Finland is a leading country in education, entrepreneurship and innovation. 98% of Finnish companies are SMEs and therefore we take the training of entrepreneurs seriously. The Finnish diploma program for entrepreneurs has contributed to the success of Finnish startups for over 20 years.